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Submission Guidelines

What to submit

PI welcomes submissions from academics and researchers. Our feature articles tend to be between 1,500 and 3,500 words. Our feature categories are think again, first person, policy riffs and culture shock. Think again articles are best described as debunkers – they take another look at issues we think we already understand from a fresh, challenging perspective. First person articles are, as the name suggests, written in the first person. Use your personal experience to reflect on a pressing social concern. For policy riffs, we’d like to see incisive analysis or insight into policy problems. Culture shock articles are trend articles – they look at what emerging or previously unanalyzed trends tell us about how and why our culture is changing.

We are also looking for Q and As with interesting experts and material for our video corner, talking heads. Videos may be interviews with experts or other clips from documentary film. Talking heads will be packaged with a short article about the film or the expert.

PI will feature themed packages every six to eight weeks. We will announce special themes as they are decided. We also publish one-off features throughout the month, so your work does not necessarily have to fit within the theme to appear on PI.

The best way to see what we are looking for in the magazine is to carefully review what we’ve published. Our articles include narrative elements – including quotes, dialogue and scenes – and are written accessibly, in the style of journalism. We do not use footnotes or references to materials or bodies of knowledge outside the purview of the general reader.

How to Submit

For feature articles, please send us a letter describing what you’d like to write about and how your work will fit with the PI style – what scenes, dialogue or characters will you use? Will you write in the first person? Is your idea one that can be clearly conveyed to general audiences in under 3,500 words? Is your idea of interest to general audiences?

We hope that articles from PI will build on your existing work. PI does accept reprints, if they are written in an accessible style or you are willing to revise them to fit within our style. But all submissions should be preceded by a letter of inquiry as described above. We do not have the resources to read completed manuscripts, so please don’t send them.

If you’d like to do a Q and A for PI, please send a short note saying who you’d like to interview and describing why the Q and A is a good fit for PI.

For talking heads submissions, describe your clip and an idea for a short (500 words) accompanying article. Our site supports only video uploaded to YouTube.

Send all submissions via email to tpimagazine at gmail dot com.