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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why publish with The Public Intellectual?

A: Academic work deserves a broader readership and requires a general audience to have a significant impact outside of academia. Too few people understand the relevance and scope of academic research. The Public Intellectual provides a forum for discussion that also illustrates the ongoing significance of academic research.

Q: What’s an intellectual?

A: We’re seeking submissions from people conducting original research in the humanities or the social sciences. You don’t need a Ph.D. or a faculty position to publish with PI, but we expect that most of our contributors will hold or be on track for doctorates in their field.

Q: What’s a general audience?

A: We use the term general audience to mean non-specialists. PI will expand the reach of your work far beyond readers of academic journals. Our readers will be intellectually curious and have a passion for good writing. We expect some of our articles will reach a very wide audience, spread by word of mouth on the Internet, and kept alive by social media and search engines.

Q: How is PI different from a scholarly journal?

A: We publish essays, not research papers. The magazine allows scholars to reach a larger audience, and also provides scholars with a place to publish that encourages innovation and creativity. PI is a place for provocation and risk-taking rather than a place to publish cautious conclusions.

Q: Is PI a peer-reviewed publication?

A: No. The editors select content for PI.

Q: How do I submit my work to PI?

A: Please see our submission guidelines.

Q: Does PI pay contributors?

A: No, PI editors and writers are currently working pro bono.

Q: Will PI charge for content?

A: We will not charge for online content.

Q: Will authors own their copyright once their articles after their articles appear on PI?

A: Yes, authors will own the copyright to their articles. We ask for a 60-day exclusivity period. After that, you may reprint your articles and use your materials as you wish. We do ask that subsequent reprints acknowledge PI as the original place of publication.

Q: What topics will PI cover?

A: We make a few suggestions for topics in the magazine description, but we are open to any topic that is relevant to our audience.